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This is not sun sign astrology, which should be treated as entertainment and little more. Vedic astrology is unique and extremely specific. Vedic astrology has an undeserved reputation as being deterministic, as if there was only one possible future, and all actions lead inevitably to it.

But in fact, there are many crossroads in a full life, and we make choices that affect our futures. Vedic astrology acknowledges karma may be fixed or loose, that we have more or less free will in some areas of life than in others. Reality is totally different, but to a parent how much it is painful who is living in an orthodox society that I can understand.

If you do not find any connection according to the above description from Rashi chart and D-9 of your daughter so really there is a question mark whether she will really get married or not. Do not be frustrated at all, some other ways are there also to find-out the marriage yoga. Now, among all these planets who is more stronger, and the position of that strongest planet in D Among those planets after final selection who is connected with lagna in D-9, that planet will indicate the Mahadasa Period of Marriage age and who is connected with 7th house in D-9, that planet will indicated the Antardasa of the age.

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So, in this way at first find-out the marriage yoga or connection. Then the Marriage age. Read -Timing of marriage in astrology. Some other procedures are also there to find out the marriage yoga from horoscope, but those are of more advance level. If you cannot find out the marriage yoga with these tips, just let me know I will guide you further with more advance level.

In this free advice section I can guide you how to find your answer from your horoscope only, you will have to do rest of the things.

Libra Rising In Navamsa D9 chart in Vedic Astrology

The marriage related houses I have mentioned in my article, those are — 1st, 2nd, 7th and 11th. In case of love marriages another house will be involved that is 5th house. If these houses are connected with each other properly so, the marriage will happen. These houses should be connected in Rashi and Navamsaa chart or D-9 both.

If one is missing so there will be a problem in getting married. If the 7th lord or house is associated with any malefic planet so the late marriage is obvious. Now, how long it will take that depends upon the strength of marriage related houses, specially 7th and 11th house.

In case of connections you will have to see — argala connection, aspect, planetary exchange or co-joining connections, rashi connection, Nakshatra connection and so on. Till now what I have mentioned those are all of basic level judgement. I have mentioned here only basic level judgement by only keeping in mind that you are a beginner in astrology or you have only basic knowledge.

If you want to know more in depth, let me know. She has Kuja dosha but in the fourth house Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter so is her Kuja dosha nullified also what about Sarpa dosha? Some people have made this yoga so scary that people just fear of those girls or boys who have this yoga. Mangal or Mars is a fiery planet and when a fiery planet sits in marriage related house so that makes the person egoistic more than his or her partner, so it is not good sign for a marital life.

Mars is the significator of youthfulness, so after this age everything becomes normal and they can get married with anybody.

NAVAMSA and its hidden concepts | Nikhil’s World

In previous days — child marriage used to happen very frequently, so in those days checking of this yoga could be mandatory, but nowadays, this yoga has become meaningless. But yes, if Mars is associated with 8th house somehow, so it could be dangerous.


If there is any problem so do the Astrological remedies as soon as possible. Thank you so much Guruji! Place of birth : Latur, Maharashtra.

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Can I live all my life without marriage? To judge planets position is only a very small part of the whole procedure. You have judge house lords and their position, whether they are connected with malefic or benefic houses or planets.

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Drishti ascribed to Jupiter 5,7,9 , Mars 4,7,8 and Saturn 3,7,10 is also to be considered for the Navamsa chart. Affliction to a planet by the Nodes in the Navamsa gives peculiar or warped results. It is the best indicator of how a person's marital life will turn out to be. A malefic in 7th in Rasi is bad, but in Navamsa it is worse. Afflictions to 7th lord or Venus in the Navamsa chart are bad for marriage; this applies irrespective of the said planets' disposition in Rasi.

For planets that are not in their own or exaltation Navamsas; the position, strength and Rasi lordship of the Navamsa dispositor is a major influence. The planet acquires the "flavour" of its Navamsa disposition. The planets that are in conjunction or opposition in Navamsa should be given priority while predicting results.

Here the Venus opposition is more important than the Saturn aspect. Indicates a sibling since Mars is Karaka for siblings , female, with artistic inclinations significations of Venus. Mars conjunct Rahu or Ketu in Mercury's Navamsa gives skin or stomach problems. Venus conjunct Rahu or Ketu in Navamsa indicates marriage to a person outside of the native's community.

Also gives problems in relationships. Saturn conjunct Moon in Navamsa indicates stinginess, or an obsession with money. Moon and Mars conjunct in Navamsa indicate gynaecological problems in women and blood-related problems in men. This is especially true when the conjunction occurs in Cancer or Scorpio. Venus, though Vargottama in Jyeshtha, can still give relationship problems. Jupiter in exaltation or own sign in Navamsa usually gives a sound financial position to the native, especially as age increases. Saturn in Leo Navamsa is almost always bad, except when Vargottama.

Natives with Sun in Aries Navamsa go bald sooner than most people. They also tend to have large foreheads. Mars in Venus Navamsa gives a taste for the good life.

Love Horoscope, Luck & Fortune:Navamsa Divisional Horoscope Or Varga birth Chart

If afflicted, will give vices. Venus in Mars Navamsa gives an aggressive, emotional outlook in relationships. A Mars-Venus exchange in Navamsa could indicate failure of marriage, or, a love-interest not leading to marriage. It could also indicate unfaithfulness or a multiplicity of relationships. All these rules have to be applied without undermining the importance of the Rasi chart. The results of planets with respect to their Nakshatra placement and their lordship are paramount. The Navamsa should be looked at as a tool that complements the Rasi, not as something that does away with it!

The Navamsa is a window to the Divine within us, it is the measure of our fortune, our destiny. Shubham Bhavatu. More Articles.