Taurus taurus sexuality compatibility

Unless other energies bring balance, Taurus and Sagittarius find themselves a temperamental odd couple. Taurus craves security and roots. Sagittarius thrives in freedom and movement.

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Taurus is slow earth and likes to stay put, while Sagittarius is fast fire -- the two elements are at odds. However, look for other love compatibility factors in the birth chart , especially the Moon and Venus signs. Both Taurus and Sagittarius, though have a lust for life, that sparks an initial attraction. The Bull is a conservative lover when it comes to commitment. Taurus asks, is this worth my investment?

Sagittarius has a spirited, experimental outlook on love -- they'll try anything once! A seasoned Sagittarius, ready to explore deeper intimacy, is a better match here. Taurus in love is huggy, sensual, and possessive. Sagittarius in love is a free agent, socially curious, and easy-going. At the heady beginning of the affair, the settled sensual nature of the Bull intrigues the centaur Sagittarius. Sagittarius widens Taurus' world, gets them traveling, and introduces them to exotics of all kinds.

The past is a big thing for the Taurus. Every single last part about this article is correct.


I am a Taurus and my lover was a scorpio. He was very manipulative and he loved to pull the mirror effect on me. He would lie and be very secretive and manipulate my opinions. He also was very jealous and so was I with reason but his was over the top. We dated very shortly and it was very powerful. So powerful I got his name tattooed big mistake but hey that love felt amazing. Count me out. It was so hard not to rip his clothes off! Since we met he has driven 1 hr each way to see me about every other day, bringing me flowers twice and all kinds of little gifts even just a diet Pepsi I was amazed how thoughtful he is.

We do fight occasionally but then again every couple does. I am a Scorpio, and she is my absolutely gorgeous Taurus, I was married for 12 years before divorcing, I have never been drawn towards a woman like I am my Taurus. We argue and I try and cater to his emotions as not to lose him, and this has kept our bond from breaking.

My Taurus and I are likely to have a long and lasting relationship. However, there is a bit sexual tension between us; on my end, and most likely on his. And I, as been told of most Scorpios, crave intimacy. This makes our relationship hellish and almost fragile.

Taurus and Taurus Love and Romance

I, supposedly being his better half, and he; the part of me that defines me as a whole. And it is hard sometimes. Hard on me, who questions the authenticity of the relationship but lacks the capacity to end it, and hard on Taurus, who simply wishes to be able to see me and embrace me in real time and life. We have been skyping each other for many weeks and both realised our attraction to each other. She is from Belgium and has lived in Ghana the last 20 years. She wants to join me here and I want to join her there.

I will be there in 3 months time. Neither of us are naive and we both want this to work. With our Christian backgrounds and admiration for each other we are looking forward to many many years of happiness. We both deserve it and believe we can achieve it. So I am…. Would it really not work? I am a female Scorpio living with a Taurus male. We became friends after a bad breakup I had and one night after much hesitation we gave in and had sex. Ever since the morning after we have established this untitled, fiercely passionate and savage bond of being with one another.

In context we do not talk about love nor do we engage in romance often. But our loyalty to one another is untouchable and it motivates mutual respect, which is required to achieve compromise between a Taurus and a Scorpio. I am stubborn and persistent, he is rigid and stuck in his ways. Arguments are never settled in the moment. These require time and space but once we can talk about it everything is resolved quite quickly and in good humor. My Taurus is reserved and grew up without a mother which does not contribute to his challenges with display of affection and the ability to empathize emotionally.

He is a marine which strips any ounce of weakness and vulnerability from his self description. You combine these into a Taurus and ladies and gentlemen you have a killer bull. But he is gentle in moments, he is trustworthy, he trusts me, he is not jealous, he is a provider, he protects me, and takes care of me financially and sexually exceeding my expectations Constantly. He lacks but he listens and he progresses. Overall, even if this is not forever I will always remember and regard my Taurus highly.

But, a Taurus man is certainly not for the weak of heart and mind. This is so true. With me being the female Scorpio and my boyfriend the Taurus; the female and male roles seem to be reversed. Him being more open and clingy, communicating as much as possible. Me being more reserved and apprehensive about things. The big bonus was the sex. There has never been anything like it, personally.

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The article says it is good in short relationships but with the right mind set of love, forgiveness, and loyalty it will last as long as you shall live. Fighting off your natural urges and VERY hard but if you love your certain someone you should be willing to make sacrifices. Good luck to all of those who love your opposite.


As soon as I decided to give in more to him, and me having a lot of things happening in my life, him telling me I can talk to him about anything and now that I have. I the Taurus, my Man the Scorpio. He is very diffrent from the jealous, manipulating type however is very secretive. But the physical attraction an sex life is absolutely over the moon.

I 54 he is 41 not sure if that is the difference or this was a match made to last the rest of my lifetime, whatever it is I will take it. He acts more like a Scorpio than a Sadge. She used to constantly complain how they would fight and argue all the time.

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  7. They even argued in public once while I was with them. Now she and I are not even friends anymore. Her personality is argumentative and combatant and spilled over into our friendship. She even mentioned that I told her to leave him as if I did something wrong. She used to be beautiful and vibrant. Not sure who wants to spend their lives being miserable, but hey you get what you think you deserve.. We been together for 6 years and our connection is amazing.

    Sexual Compatibility Taurus and Taurus

    The communication , sex life, is amazing. We are so in tuned to on another. It would be easy to spend the rest of my life with my scropio man. Scorpio gal with Taurus boyfriend. Politically and socially and in terms of lifestyle we are compatible so that also works. I am scorpio moon and my bae is a taurus moon. We have been with eachother for a year, from the moment we met we have been inseparable.

    Previously i was in a 9 year relationship which I had to learn how to understand my scorpio tendencies. And i can never know the contentment he feels… it is difficult the more that i try to resist the attraction. I have had to open myself up to trust and faith completely. I used to be so controlling and manipulative.

    Love is a funny thing. I am a Taurus female me and my bf started as good friends this article is so true with both sides being stubborn …. However we complete each other and he is the other half of my heart. Learning how to communicate has been key in making our relationship so much stronger.

    Everyone can learn how to communicate with our loved ones better. However we have lived together and make a great team. He is very sensitive to my needs and although he is secretive, I have found the right way to ask for the information. We raise each other up now after having a terrible very intense fall out that left us both feeling empty. Our fall out involved my drug use and mental health and his distrust from previous relationships. Just take things slow… it make feel awful for the Taurus but the connection and security in the end is so worth it. This is so totally true i am a tsyrus female and my man is a scorpio.

    We argue so intensely, so many mean things are said we break up but we cant not be together. Hes a liar and i know it, our secual chemistry is beyond intense so much so people dont believe it. Im beyond sexually satisfied, things ive never done before. He makes me get the chills. Idk how we would ever break up we literally cannot not be together. My ex boyfriend was taurus too. He loves me so much but he almost killed when I tried to break up with him. He is very open but understands my reasoning for being a closed book if you will. We get along perfectly he as a taurus is able to help me open up.

    But we have never fought since we have known each other. We have known each other 9 years, and we never even raised our voices. It all boils down to understanding and compromise. I try to read these things out of interest and curiosity of the signs. But he is definitely to sweet to argue and I just dont like to upset the one I love. So I have no understanding as to where this would come from.

    This is very accurate. Our love is toxic. As a Taurus I am very stubborn and feel strongly about my opinions, just like my Scorpio. When we fight, neither of us are able to swallow our pride and just apologize. We argue almost every day and sometimes it gets physical. Our sexual acts attraction is very strong and that usually ends our fights. He is very manipulative and sneaky, which hinders our relationship.

    Neither of us likes drama, and believe in honesty, integrity and surprisingly enough as a Scorpio I have no patience for manipulation, nor do I see the use in Jealousy. Same here! I am Scorpio and my bf is Taurus..

    Cancer & Taurus Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

    I could tell a lot of things and doubts I had about while I was starting and being in this relationship, but the one thing is for sure that This is the best connection relationship I had with someone so far, and I love the way Taurus loves. I am so inlove and it is really a ride with my Taurus lady. My husband is Scorpio and I am a Taurus. We are soul mates. He is the only man that is strong enough to make Taurus able to lean on him and vice versa. My husband and I rarely argue anymore, but it took time to find a balance and learning to respect each other.

    Yes, initially this match takes work, but if you are willing to put in the work, the fruits of your efforts are magical. This is Very Accurate..

    Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility: The Sorcerer and the Lover

    But when we fight it is bad but one thing he never did was call me out my name or put his hands on me.. The Sex is Definitely Awesome.. I have been married to a Taurus girl, she is very patient, logical and honest, yet at the same time I have been so rude to her at times, made her feel sick by my constant questioning, we had lots of fights and i have seen the angry bull inside her, even i got scared looking at her angry phase, the bull really got enraged : , problem is that she never opens up, doesnt share her emotions, due to which i get annoyed, currently i feel as if i have lost her, as if she is very hurt with me, and she loves me but cant find herself to be in my heart, as i dont trust her, that is my big mistake.

    I know I love her, but because of lots of misunderstandings, a wide gap has been created between us. Im sorry to hear that. Communication, like telling eachother how you feel and what you are thinking will help. Just knowing eachother boundaries is a great start.

    Plus whenever you read this give her some head tonight lol. Just also let her know how much you mean to her constantly. Dated for two years i messed it up. The sex was always great! We spend the night with eachother we have a blast every moment we are around eachother. Our families kind of dont get along. The only other sign that I actually like being around is another Taurus. Your email address will not be published.

    Compatibility Calculator. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Your Astromatcha Score. Christine August 13, Ann July 16, Alex July 5, William January 19, Crystal chemutai July 13, Harry fard July 15, Taylor November 21, Kita August 1, Mimi December 9, Alesis March 11, My ex was a Scorpio like me, and he was the same way. We are both bipolar. Better apart. Bee April 26, Pari October 4, Farhan December 15, Violet December 21, Carmen November 22, Kim January 22, Latrice July 9, Sarah November 26, Jean May 16, DontShoot Em August 25, Austin October 7, Jel November 2, Deb August 17, Flo June 26, Mew January 25, T February 1, Loyalty to the shortcomings of each other justifies the good compatibility of Taurus with Taurus in the relationship.

    They are looking in one direction and this further unites their alliance. Signs of the earth do not like big changes either in life or in relationships, so both contribute to stability in coexistence. If suddenly their views divide, then between them there can be rivalries, which can be eliminated in the future through negotiations. The Taurus with Taurus compatibility in bed is good, and this fact means a lot to them.

    It takes a lot of time from the first meeting before Taurus goes on to sexual relations. The sign of the earth must make sure that its elect is the one with whom he will build a lasting relationship.

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    7. Random sex at one time is not for them. They like constancy in everything: they prefer one lover for a long time. Therefore, they look at each other for a long time before getting into bed. Taurus love comfort and beauty and endure these aspirations in a sexual life. Spontaneous lovemaking in an uncomfortable or dirty place is definitely not about them. To love joys they are prepared in advance and very carefully, devoting a lot of time to romantic elements, in the form of rose petals or a bath with fragrant foam.

      In bed, the Taurus are skillful lovers who feel what the partner needs, and most importantly, who knows how to deliver the desired pleasure to him. Their sex is devoid of violent passions, but is filled with tenderness, caress and slowness. Taurus is indefatigable in bed and can make love joys for days and nights on end, rationally spending its energy. They are endowed with a rich imagination, which they use with pleasure under the blanket. In intimate life, the second sign of the zodiac is shameless and gives itself completely.

      Compatibility of Taurus and Taurus in marriage is at a high level. Few of the other signs can build such a strong pair. They love coziness and therefore are constantly engaged in the arrangement of their homes. Signs of the earth are devoted to each other, treason and betrayal are not terrible for them. Their couple is full of trust and mutual concern. Taurus always protect their loved ones and family space, zealously treat invasions of strangers in their habitual way.