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Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility: The Sorcerer and the. Venus in Gemini in a Female.

What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Sex Drive, Desire & Determination

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If nothing else, they certainly do put in a lot of effort for the people they care about, which they will aggressively guilt-trip you over when they want you to do something in return. There can be a lot of friction between them and their children if they become parents, mostly because they have no idea how to give praise without turning it into a critique.

Mars in Libra: This is an odd place for Mars to settle in because these people get really stressed out and upset by conflict of any form. One of the least sexual placements of Mars — they might have an aversion to even discussing sex. Storytellers with this placement will often write stories where people ultimately talk out their problems and come to an understanding of each other, maybe even achieve world peace in the process.

Living with them means walking on eggshells. Fascination with death. Does not know how to compromise, would rather die than give ground on what they believe in. Has the force of will to do pretty much anything. They dominate others without even having to try. Probably has resting bitch face. Being near them is an intense experience no matter who you are. Mars in Sagittarius: Irreverently funny and playful. No matter how old they get, never stops acting like a kid. Always itching to try something new. Has no attention span. Gets bored before finishing projects and drops them for months at a time.

Their energy is infectious. Likes sex to be more physical and raw than emotional. Has no trouble laughing and having fun while doing the deed, and people who make them laugh and excite them are the ones who most attract them. They prefer friendships and romances to work pretty much the same way, relaxed, easygoing, with no pressure to commit to anything.

This is why so many of them get into friends-with-benefits situations.

When things get serious or the relationship runs into an iceberg, their first instinct is to wimp out and run away instead of stick around and make an effort. Enthusiastic about their passions, can be adorable when they get excited. Mars in Capricorn: Have this serious, broody aura about them that can be kind of alluring and intimidating at the same time. Will put in as much work and dedication to get a job done as it takes, without a single word of complaint.

And they really like sex. Mars in Aquarius: Questions everything they read. Knows a lot of big words but rarely uses them, because they despise any form of pretentiousness. Has firm beliefs backed up by extensive research, refuses to be pigeonholed into any one movement or ideology. May fall along any point of the political spectrum, and will be very outspoken and capable of strongly arguing the case for their independent views. Hates being labeled. Has trouble feeling attached to their body because they spend so much time in their own mind.

Even when they get emotional, some part of them will be detached and objectively analyzing the situation to understand it more fully. When it comes to sex, they can be even kinkier than Mars in Scorpio. They want to try every possible position at least once, they love to experiment, they will never be satisfied if sex becomes the same routine every time. They attempt to be open-minded toward everyone they meet, but they can also be coldly cruel and verbally vicious toward people who violate their personal code of ethics.

Socially conscious, likely to get involved in some form of activism, a cause they believe in. They can out-hippy the Mars in Libra people. Can easily become addicted to things. No matter how tough their other placements make them seem, they have a squishy teddy bear side that the people closest to them will see. Most of them are romantically and sexually submissive on some level, though they may try to hide it. Keeping things hidden is a talent for them, actually.

Passive aggression is their go-to tactic for expressing anger. Will bend over backwards to make their partner happy — they love both making and receiving sweet gestures of affection. Women : shes the aggressor, and she rarely waits for others to set the pace. She likes her lovers with flavor and with a bit of masculinity in their pursuit!

She can be the type to be into rough aesthetic and the ripped jeans, ruffled hair. She wears harsh colors and can also remind you of the beach and Coachella. He tends to live based on desire and instinct. His brain is a little less involved in his sexual instincts which often times can make him a walking dose of testosterone.

Either the biker or the one making the bike. His member can be vainy and a bit on the angry looking side due to the rams more volatile nature. And depending on how mature he is he can be the type to cum early mainly because he feels the sensation so powerfully. Women : shes magnetic, her eyes dressed in sensuality and her arms like silk. She can be mentally scattered often expending her energies into the basics and more mundane. She likes things dependable and can be a bit sharp with messy types.

She likes her lovers like she loves her senses. Pleasure comes in the form of the world all around him often making him a walking aphrodisiac. He thinks before acting and can be a slow burn where others would be a fire. His lower member is often well endowed and long like the typical bull. He loves a good body party that involves all the senses. Women : shes a walking encyclopedia.

His eyes speak to you In a secret language one separate from the actions of his body. He makes you question your motives, he makes you delve into the hidden concepts within you, he strings you without the strings. He can have a sharp member and can be remarkably playful in bed! He loves a good show and wants to entertain you best he can. For him verbal communication ties him to the act emotionally.

Women : shes soft to the touch like lavender. Her energy is soothing and can feel like home and her greatest strength is that immense propensity to emotional coolness. Their members are usually thick and girthy due to the moons influence! Women : shes going to hit you like a wild fire. Her lover should make sure they see the beauty in her and is worthy of the kingly or queenly stature she bestows upon them. Unlike his feminine ego he actually is more on the observant and prowl like energy. His intensity is often matched by his often pugnant and sexy atmosphere. His libido is usually high as shit and his lower region is either on the medium side or slightly above average but it often looks very bright and has lovely pubic hair!

He can be turned on by soggy style positions or where your back is turned to him! Women : shes like old wine. She wants things clean but part of her is drawn to what lies in the mud. These women can be some of the kinkiest solely because part of them lives to be of service to their lovers. They often find themselves drawn to dirty lovers literally and figuratively or situations of inequality in their partnerships. He is a hard worker both with his daily life and what he chooses to please in the bedroom.

He can be highly versatile in many situations but part of him can project his inner need for control into his love affairs. He wants to feel every touch and every sensation possible and can get easily addicted to sex wanting to have it on a consistent basis. Their members are petite and can get the job done!

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In some cases they can feel either shy about their genitals or straightforward nothing inbetween. Women : shes passive, for her the real aspect of life is what you can get without lifting a finger. Indifference is sexy to them-they admire a unmoved face or a silent crowd.

They can be vixens because they often meld themselves into what everyone wants but never do they loose themselves. They can put on an act but be an entirely different energy underneath it all. They love passion and can be the types to hopelessly search for that ultimate romantic liaison. Femininity and sexuality are peak here and these women express their sensuality deeply and truly to themselves. The lover for these natives should be charming and have an intensity to him-a a bit of an unbalanced energy that she can serve to be the equilibrium.

He can seem perfect like everything and anything. These men can be a contradiction. Mars in libra men mask feelings more then most mars signs and tend to need a certain level of high ground in there interactions! They love intensely and can have a very intoxicating love style that leaves everyone begging.

They are either aggressive or passive sexually. Women : shes a late bloomer! Often times she was introduced to sexual tension at a young age and either iced it out or chose to rise above it. Like A serpent these women come into their own like the flames of hell. Taboo is their middle name and their innocent persona is often leaking with intensity.

She often plays the field never truly seeking intimacy unless it takes her in like the shadows! These women can be afraid of intimacy in the early years but as they age it can be something they find themselves surrounded by. The soul he manages to catch their hearts must be ready to match them sexually and emotionally in the most intense and prolific way imaginable-death and all. Men : his eyes are easily enthralled. He looks for connections unconsciously like a dog searching for a bone. These men are ruled by their own intensity and much like Aries mars their are no games!

Their members can be very vainy and look rather on the darker side! Mars in Scorpio are in love with oral and tend to be extremely sensitive in these areas male and female. Her energy is intoxicating and feels like shots of patron. These women want to be driven mad and hate anything that makes her think, she hates the meanginless cjit chatter if theirs no fun behind it. You hear of him but, seeing him? It can sound like some promise or imagination come to life when you see him.

He can seem masculine and as if his soul leaps out of each word.

Mars - Gemini Compatibility

These men can be magnetic but also immensely detached. For them their is this loose and sought after emptiness and it can sometimes alter their expression of Jupiter. They usually are very well endowed and can be very lean down there. Women : shes mrs noir baby. Her eyes are cold but her heart is warm and that of a furnace. These women devour the world, often choosing and desiring complete titanship over all things in her life. His emotions are often self defensive but also slightly guarded as a means of precautious measure. His energy is often stifling and intimidating as his desires tend to be deeply felt and rather than being outwardly expressed they make their way through his actions and mannersims.

To them work and power are and will always be necessity-sexual gratification is luxury but also a means to an end. They can be cold and cruel but they do have a very soft and vulnerable side albeit the goat can be rather changeable when and if they decide to show this side. Their members are usually well endowed! Saturns influence might make it skinnier or medium sized but these guys are usually well endowed.

Sexually they can be very intense and their entire mood changes and so does their personality so keep in mind. For her interactions are more then physical contact. She wants cerebral and celestial-she wants to feel mars in her hands and Dance with Neptune and andromeda.

For these women it can be a spark like desire that can fade just as quickly as it came! Sexually things can run on and off just like her nature-she just goes with the energy flow and sees where it takes her. Her lover should be perplexing, a tad off their rocker but with enough emotional difference to keep them scratching their heads. His affections can seem hard to pin? These men are emotional rollercoaster dispute their more calm demeanor. They are insanely attractive and have this deceptive charm to them-like every word is laced with a sinister intent.

These men are erotic mainly because they have such a detached relatiohship with their own sexuality. These men are often very hot sexually and tend to love sessions but it can be a bit hard to get them emotionally in to it! They love the emotional v. They tend to have pointy and angular members that look unique in a way because of Uranus. Women : shes sweet as can be! Her feelings are often deeply entangled in her sexual longings and often the bigger the emotional backing the stronger her arousal but the weaker the bond the harder it is for her to be anything more then a fish in the sea.

Her lover should be a gentle soul, one that cares for her heart but also feels safe enough to express their own unique vulnerabilities. His eyes are watery and seem like their are tears waiting to speak there own individual peace. He hates the confinement of others and tends to be a loner. He often is sexual in private-leaning towards porn and media to relate to sexual feelings internally felt. He often can create a dreamlike sexual desire but might be more displeased by the real thing. His libido is often the lowest of the bunch mainly because his more masculine side is subdued by the neptunian sea.

He like his feminine counterpart needs a emotional connection otherwise sex is nothing more then a fish in the water. His member tends to be translucent and on the larger side of things. Originally posted by baelor. Had a natural charm about themselves not necessarily in a Casanova way but in a more muddy school boy with a smile of gold type of feeling.

Dresses with a sense of the casual but can have a way of looking very earthy on-top of this. Harsh colors like crimson and yellows look amazing on them. Their gaze is often haunting and can leave you feeling undressed. Actually pretty shy about romance and really sweet like genuinely sweet. Hates authority in any context lol. Extremely good at reading into body signals and even better at sending them out. Aggressive looking sexual organs with plenty of veins! Aries mars men tend to be modestly sized down their and the women often have beautiful sexual organs both have a natural look to them as if they were met to be nude.

Hates to beat around the bush and prefers you either speak your mind or get out the way. Infatuated with the surroundings! Patience is their virtue and let me tell you when they want something? Not even hades himself could stop them. And love and romance is taken very seriously. Features : they often have beautiful necks! The women usually have a soft delicate nature about their throat and voice. Both men and women here have very clear-relaxed tones to their voice. Tend to be slow burn types. Thick and beautiful sexual members for both sexes. Originally posted by seaweedbraens.

They move quick in every aspect of life and can just as easily juggle the storm without braking a sweat. They are calculated but in a different way from mars in Virgo! The other parts of them come out sporadically and via different moments. One side can be flirting with you whilst the other is holding a conversation with you about bread simultaneously without any correlation.

The aqua and Gemini decan tend to stutter a bit when they get excited whilst the libra decan is more passive aggressive than the rest. Features : the arms for men tend to be very big and well defined! Tend to speak with their hands and are extremely animated.

Gemini And Aries

Skinny sexual organs for both sexes. Originally posted by windwaver. A very cool and at times somber personality! Tend to move in a zig zag line rather than directly at something! Can be hard to open up especially the first two decans and usually has a trouble with expressing anger and or negative emotions in a healthy way. Prone to gossip rather than say it out loud and can have volcanic anger once reached. Women tend to act detached when in third decan and both men and women isolate themselves with the first decan.

Features : round bellies! And or abs! Extremely intuitive! And lastly the breast area for men and women tend to be a huge sensitive area! Including the nipples. They also have very unique laughs like the crazy kind aha and the really quiet and adorable kind. Men can be very girthy. Originally posted by avatarsymbolism.

Hate em or love em they have of way of catching your eye at least once. They have a beautiful confidence about them no matter how soft spoken or standoffish they may seem—they just have this immeasurable self reliance about them. The eyes can be very beast like in nature and seem rather curious like a cat. They tend to strut but also pounce when they find something that catches their eye. They can manipulate situations so they are the focal point.

Sharing can be hard for them when it comes to something they really love! Features : they have like amazing backs! Very structured. Something about their hair also is rather poofy and glossy! They just seem to glow. Both men and women here have lovely sexual organs that are very plump in nature. Originally posted by thetalesofbasingse.

Very good planners with a tendency to occasionally brake out of their routine and do something random from time to time. Men and women here tend to masterbait but more so because they need to relax and blow off steam. They like having them rubbed too btw! Aha well some. They lure you in and let you chase them and go from there. Men here also have very nice arms. They have a high stamina sexually especially the Taurus and cap decan and tend to really commit to one person sexually and none else!

People with Mars in Gemini are always on the run, open to new experiences and new knowledge. They are playful and their approach to life is optimistic. They are positive fellows, whose energy could be felt around. They are youthful and energetic; everything seems like a piece of cake for a Mars Gemini. They are no heroes but they are fearless in front of challenges and they eagerly engage with them. They are resourceful and independent. They are, indeed, not reliable, but they also do not expect others to stand for them.

Mars Gemini people are open to new ideas and they rarely miss out good opportunities. They would try anything life has to offer, even at the cost of their own failure. Their optimistic energy is so strong that a failure cannot discourage them easily. People with Gemini n Mars are highly flexible and adaptable and it is refreshing to have them around. In love life, they will always make sure you feel special. They enjoy making others laugh and, if in good mood, they could share some rather interesting stories and inspire both your imagination and motivation.

Mars Gemini people are impulsive, unsteady and changeable to the point others do not find them reliable and trustworthy. They do not break promises out of ill intentions, but because of their inborn recklessness. They are playful and adventurous, which actually can make them think shallow about other people and their feelings. They can hurt someone simply because they do not care much about them, not because they want to harm anyone. They could also be extremely annoying if trying to win an argument.

In addition, they are nervous and irritable. Their temperament is explosive and they could become very cynical, rude and even aggressive towards another person. They do not control their feelings very well and do not care to hide them from public. They are prone to inappropriate behavior, because they tend to be irresponsible and childish. Mars Gemini need more time to decide on settling down, so be ready for playing games. Mars Gemini people are impatient and it takes time until they realize they could feel much happier if the slow down a bit.

Mars in Gemini in men horoscope could be a truly positive aspect. Mars Gemini man usually does not show the extremes characteristic for this aspect in general, so he is not aggressive and too irritable, but sociable, talkative and friendly. He is relaxed and open to all sorts of challenges.

He treats people with respect, loves to share his adventures with others, but would also listen to your stories. Mars Gemini man always has some new adventure on his mind and he is not interested into having a settled, cozy family life for long.

Gemini Compatibility Chart

However, if he comes upon a lady who would blow his mind away by her courageousness, wittiness and charm, he would commit to the fullest. Mars in Gemini women signs creates a personality more changeable than the case is with Mars Gemini man. This woman is versatile, interested in many things, outgoing, adventurous and sociable.

She enjoys spending time with friends, exploring the world, researching and learning new things. She loves creating things and being outside. Like her counterpart, Mars Gemini man, she needs the life of an adventurer and she is very playful. She is charming and courageous person, flirty and restless. Mars Gemini woman is warm and positive, with an energy that inspires and motivates others. She has many friends and is usually very popular.